Welcome to the research group directed by University of California faculty member Dr. Pratik Shah that invents translational AI and biomedical technologies for discovery of novel biological mechanisms, diagnostic imaging, and digital therapeutics.

We are a computational medicine group interested in hypothesis-driven deep learning, engineering, and biomedical research to discover novel biological and clinical knowledge for inventing translational medical technologies to diagnose and treat cancer, infectious, and neurological diseases. The group has significant expertise and motivation for real-world clinical evaluations of research findings. Research in the lab builds a unified scaffolding of novel deep learning, biological, and statistical reasoning methods to resolve distinct hypothesis driven research problems including, for example, how to diagnose and treat cancer disease at the cellular level, how to generate novel medical images for unbiased patient-centered medicine, what is the impact of clinical decision-making on infectious disease and antimicrobial therapy – under a single theoretical and methodological framework. We are motivated to invent and deploy pragmatic and equitable medical technology for improving health and managing diseases.