National Cancer Institute Invites Dr. Pratik Shah as Expert Reviewer

December 9, 2021
9:00am - 7:00pm ET

Bethesda, MD

NIH National Cancer Institute SBIR Phase IIB Bridge Award Study Section Member.

Dr. Shah serves as an expert reviewer to support and evaluate the next stage of development for Federally funded SBIR Phase II projects in the areas of cancer therapeutics, imaging technologies, interventional devices, diagnostics, and prognostics. The Bridge Award funding opportunity is specifically designed to incentivize partnerships between Federally-funded SBIR Phase II awardees and third-party investors and/or strategic partners.

For any single year of the project period, budgets up to $2 million total costs may be requested. However, the combined budget requested for the entire project period must not exceed $4 million total costs. Development efforts must address one of the following technical/scientific areas:

  1. Cancer Therapeutics and Preventive Agents;
  2. Cancer Imaging Technologies, Interventional Devices, and In Vivo Diagnostics;
  3. In Vitro and Ex Vivo Cancer Diagnostics and Prognostics;
  4. Technologies for Cancer Prevention and Control, Supportive Care, and Survivorship; and/or
  5. Tools and Model Systems for Cancer Research.